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The Farmacia Internazionale Dr. Merloni has an important laboratory for compounding. Our pharmacists can therefore produce taylor-made medicines for patients, overcoming the limits placed by mass-produced medicines on patients' therapies. Our unique solutions include those for pediatric medicine, autism and veterinary medicine.

We can adapt existing drugs to the needs of patients, varying concentrations, combining multiple active ingredients, modifying dosage forms, modifying, adding or removing inactive ingredients, changing capsule (gelatine, vegetal, gluten free, hypoallergenic). As well, we can compound solutions based on orphan drugs or active ingredients which aren't anymore in commerce. 

Dosage forms can be transdermal gels, oral liquids (casein and gluten free diets), ointments, lotions, creams, rectal suppositories.

Compounding processes take place under the strict pharmacopoeia laws on good manufacturing practices. We therefore qualify suppliers, work under operational traceability and certified API.

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